Pune World Summit 2016

“Globalization is a fact of life. But I believe we have underestimated its fragility”

These words by the former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan perfectly sum up the importance of expanding one’s frame of reference to encompass issues and affairs which not only impact our immediate environments but also the world around us as a whole. The fact well and truly is that today even a small issue taking place in an African country like Nigeria can have a huge impact on the Indian economy. Likewise, acts of aggression by extremist militant factions like the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq can cause the entire world to take note and subsequent precautionary measures. The world has become a much smaller place and increasing global awareness is arguably the most aspect to ensure a student’s rapid progress in life.  

Model United Nations (MUN) conferences are probably the most popular public speaking events in today’s times. They offer students with the perfect opportunity to increase their global awareness and develop a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the world as a whole. A simulation of the actual United Nations, MUNs provides students with an opportunity to step into the shoes of delegates who represent the views of different countries while discussing various raging world affairs.They provide students with an excellent opportunity to hone skills of diplomacy such as lobbying, negotiation and collaborative problem solving while giving them a wonderful platform to refine their public speaking and regular communication skills.

After an extremely successful inaugural edition, MUN World India and Victorious Kidss Educares School are furthering their objective of global awareness, expression and diplomacy through the second and much bigger edition of Pune World Summit. With more committees focusing on a range of different issues, Pune World Summit 2016 promises to be a great learning experience for all participating students from across the country.

Pune World Summit is a knowledge oriented Model United Nations conference. Focusing on the development of the aforementioned skill sets and abilities via the concept of Model United Nations, it is a perfect opportunity for students to recognize the leaders hidden within them. With an interesting theme, committees and agendas, Pune World Summit provides the perfect platform for students to emulate real world leaders and solve raging world issues.

Pune World Summit shall be simulating 6 committees of the United Nations and associated bodies. Each committee shall have a single agenda for discussion. Though the actual size of each of these committees is much bigger in the actual United Nations, we are limiting their capacities so as to ensure maximum participation from all students. We do not want students to be denied speaking time due to overcrowding in committees.